Our 23" rustic metal Angel series plant stakes are a fun way to decorate any garden or house plant. The Angel with bird is big and strong and will hold up to the elements. Made of metal and sealed. Made in the USA. Assorted colors and painted on one side and rust on other side. Welded to stake. Small Batch Maker. Indoor and outdoor. Clear coated to resist weathering. Our Plant stake are the perfect addition for any garden, lawn, or patio. The stakes are crafted from lightweight recycled metal. No Assembly required. As any expert gardener knows, growing a full flower bed is part art, part science. Bulk up on the former by enchanting with our garden stakes. Made of laser-cut steel and designed to patina naturally outdoors, these hand-welded pieces add homegrown charm to your bed of botanical babies. Place them at the edge of your garden to create an organic-feeling border, or embed them in your blooms as an eye-catching ornament. Handmade in Texas.