We have been offering our store customers a “Friendly Layaway Plan” for many years now. We are, of course, always open to special circumstances, but these are the basic policies that we now follow:

  1. All layaway sales will require a deposit. The deposit will depend on the price of the piece being purchased as follows:

    • i. Purchases $100-$300 ~ 30% down minimum

    • ii. Purchases $300-$600 ~ 25% down minimum

    • iii. Purchases over $600 ~ 20% down minimum

  2. All layaways will require monthly payments. These can be done by check, cash or by credit card and will be due on the predetermined date each month. Credit cards will be charged on the same day each month. If a check or cash payment is not received by the agreed date and we do not hear from you, your credit card on file will be charged (we will also require a credit card number for each layaway sale). Monthly payments will be determined at the time of purchase.

  3. The price of the piece at the time of purchase will remain the same through out the layaway.

  4. There are absolutely no refunds, exchanges or changes on layaways.

  5. We will not accept any new layaways between 12/01 and 12/31 of each year.

  6. If a layaway is cancelled, there will be a 10% restocking fee which is non-refundable. Any additional credit will be issued as a store credit.

  7. All layaways must be completed within 1 year unless otherwise determined. If the payments are not complete within one year there will be a 10% restocking fee and a store credit will be issued for the remaining credit. The merchandise will be returned to inventory. No layaways on purchases under $100

  8. The layaway item can be picked up when the last installment is made; until then it will remain the property of Greenleaf Gallery.

  9. A 50% deposit is required for any custom orders purchased on layaway.