The Provence Platter begins as an oak in a French or American forest. Coopers hew the wood and stack it in the open air, continuously dampening and curing it for years before handcrafting the planks into oak wine casks. Wine typically ages in the barrel for four years, receiving the oaks distinctive flavor. When the oak flavor diminishes, the barrel heads are then reclaimed. Australian artisans breathe a second, artful life into the casks, disassembling the clever puzzle of steam bowed ribs and cambered end pieces, which creates this unique range of Provence Platters. All bear authentic cooper’s marks, many more than thirty years old. Surfaces are smoothed and finished with copious layers of food-safe, organic beeswax. Artisans hand forge and burr the iron handles in a Brooklyn foundry. The result is a beautiful platter for wine, cheese, grapes, fine meats and bread.

Dimensions: 21 to 24″ in diameter