Frosted Juniper is set with metallic, hand-painted Maple Leaves and delicate ferns displayed between panes of glass. Each candle is hand poured with a coconut wax blend in Colorado.

Burn Time: 90 Hours

Dimensions: 4"H, 4.5" Diameter

Fragrance Notes: Juniper Branch, White Sage, Blooming Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Red Cedar, Earthy Amber

Lid Botanicals: Maple Leaf Silver Fern, New Senecio Cineraria, Feather Fern

About Rosy Rings:  Rosy Rings is a small-batch artisanal brand, bringing nature inside with designs inspired by beautiful botanical elements. We combine carefully sourced materials, from fine fragrances to hand-blown glass, with real botanicals to create an experience to elevate any space. Our designs are each individual and unique; true to their botanical origins, no two products are – or should be – identical. All Rosy Rings products are lovingly hand crafted by our artisan staff in Colorado. At Rosy Rings, we strive to create a delightful experience with our one-of-a-kind products that fill your space with the beauty of nature.