Old Glory is exactly what this folk art flag made in the USA is! It is made from old wood salvaged by old timers around the south and it's glory is in how eco-friendly and "green" it is. This flag is a great accent for the 4th celebration and I hang it on front of my house each year in July. approximate dimensions = 18" x 27" and 12 lbs About Dryads Dancing: Dryads Dancing is named after the legendary tree nymph which according to legend could be seen dancing around the trees in the mystical forest. Owner, Margaret, has been making reclaimed wood furniture, art & home decor by hand at their local factory in Chamblee, GA since 1983. Often the wood comes to use from a torn down barn or other wood building that has sentimental family meaning. All of their designs are inspired by the materials. Wood with layers of paint that can identify the decade by the color as the sanding takes off layers. And tin that has been keeping a barn full of animals or food for animals dry for years and years. These materials are wonderful as well as eco-friendly & incredibly beautiful.