Crows often get a bad rap. Historically they've been associated with death, disease and bad omens... reviled as crop-stealers by farmers and condemned as nuisances by city dwellers. To cap it off, a group of Crows is called a Murder! Totally unfair in our humble opinion. Crows are fascinating creatures and so smart and so good at improvising that some zoologists admiringly call them "feathered apes". Black, regal, intelligent and with the largest brain to body weigh ration in the bird kingdom, Crows are amazing. Finally, Crows can remember the faces of individual humans and will hold a grudge against individuals who do them wrong. Don't worry, our one won't. Simply put it in a great tree with a good view and it will love you for life.

Metalbird started as a New Zealand-based guerrilla street art project in 2009. Inspired by stencil artist Banksy, Phil Walters designed, crafted and hammered up dozens of life-sized, Metalbird stencils for no other reason than to surprise, delight and intrigue. People loved them! Before long, the art project had turned into a side hustle, then a full time job, and finally with a small team they set themselves the lofty goal of becoming "the Largest Art Installation Project in the World".

Today these beautifully crafted, iconic, life-like bird silhouettes have been hammered into backyards, decks and gardens throughout New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Europe and finally they've arrived with a North American range. With the tap of a hammer a Metalbird will transform your environment into a work of art and surprise and delight visitors for years to come.

This regal Crow measures 9.5" H by 11" W (not including spike) and is made in the USA of 1/6" bullet-proof mild steel to form a beautiful patina of rust that changes with the seasons. Easily installed with the tap of a hammer (but pre-drill hard wood).