Features 7 inches tall Safe for all ages Embroidered features 100% polyester Surface wash/Spot clean Pair with other Wee Farm Friends- 106068: Wee Peep, 190033: Wee Pony Boy,190034: Wee Moo Moo, 190035: Wee Alley Cat, 190040: Wee Hammie, 190041: Wee Clucky Little, 190133: Wee Billy Goat, 824128: Wee Kiddo the Lamb 101039 pair with Counting Peeps Book This Wee Kiddo plush lamb is small but mighty... mighty sweet, that is! Big charm in a petite package that is just the right size for little hands to hug and hold. This little lamb stuffed animal features a soft coat of swirly, snuggle-down fur, and his paws and ears are lined with cozy white velour. A hand-embroidered face shows off Wee Kiddos shiny brown eyes, friendly smile and rosy nose!