For the professional artist or the artist-at-heart, Natural Life's Painter’s Cup will inspire you to live and create happy! It features our beautiful Folk Lady design and an encouraging message, "Magic is something you make" or an inspiring message, "Make Good Things." on the inside of the rim. We love to be creative, so we design products that help us to create beautiful things! Our Painter’s Cup even has notches to hold your paintbrushes. Get one to keep with your art supplies and buy a second for your bathroom vanity as a perfect home for your makeup brushes!

About Natural Life: We call our products "treasures" because they are things you stumble upon while out and about and just can't resist... whether it's a saying that speaks to you, a perfect little gift for a friend or family member...or something to wear or put in your home that makes everyday life more fun! We love to inspire people to Give & Live Happy!