Bring stunning sunny skies to dinnertime with our gorgeous Personalised Children’s Pastel Sky Dinner Set. It's got everything you need to help your child transition to eating all by themselves. Each piece in your set is printed with colourful pastel sky themed illustrations which match each other, from colourful rainbows, to sunny skies and elegant stars, which are sure to inspire your child and put a smile on their face.

Your personalised kids pastel sky dining set contains a stunning cup, plate, knife, fork and spoon. Every piece in your amazing dining set is designed to be safe and easy for kids to use for that added peace of mind. What's more, every item will come decorated with its own standout pastel sky design which your child is bound to love, along with their name, which will be placed in a prominent position in each item in the set - everyone needs to know it's theirs after all!