We love these Skoy Scrubs and Cloths!

Set includes 4 cloths and 2 scrubs. Each set will vary in color and design.

The Skoy Cloth is an innovative cloth that is a European made product and 100% biodegradable when properly composted because it is made from a natural cotton and wood-based cellulose pulp. Using a Skoy Cloth is equivalent to using 15 rolls of paper towels in an average home. The Skoy Cloth has an absorption factor of 15x its own weight.

The Skoy Scrub is reusable made in Europe from cotton and a food grade non-toxic hardener that outlasts traditional scrubbers and in turn saves money and controls waste. These scrubs will replace the old green scouring pads or scrub sponges. The Skoy Scrub is not limited to the kitchen and works well on most surfaces. The scrubber is easily cleaned on the top rack of the dishwasher. The Skoy Scrub is safe on most surfaces including non-stick pans, ceramic stovetops and glass.

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