Our most favorite and delicious chocolates are BACK! @1740 Confection Lab Chocolates has created the most scrumptious collection for Valentine's day!

Available in sizes:
Small - 4 pc box
Medium - 7 pc box with larger sizes
Large - 16 pc box with large sizes

Current Collection Flavors:
S'more *e
Pepita Praline
Brown Butter Bourbon
Lime Pie *e
Caramel Apple
Beer Caramel Pretzel *g
Pumpkin Chai
Salted Caramel
Lemon Mint Dance for Dravet Edition
Beet It

*e - egg / *g - gluten

About 1740 Chocolate Lab: After traveling to Belgium and falling in love with delicious chocolate, Vicki set out to create her own chocolates. Vicki is constantly teaching herself the art of chocolates and confections and each flavor is of her own creation.